il dott. Quaglia


- “See,
a colleague of mine says that hallucinatory state
is nothing more than the continuation of a dream
but with the eyes open…
But today we already said a lot.
See you next week"
- “Goodbye doctor”

Artistic research

Il dott. Quaglia is a cross section by dance and speech about an “appointment” between doctor and patient.
A performance conceived for theatrical and non-theatrical spaces.
It was shown to the audience in 2018 during the public meeting with the psychiatrist Piero Cipriano inside the former prison of Sant’Agata in Bergamo.
In 2019 it was shown during a meeting with young students and the psychiatrist Peppe Dell’Acqua, coworker with Franco Basaglia in Trieste, at the theatre of Vimercate.



conceived and interpreted by:
Agnese Bocchi, Tobia Scarrocchia
duration: 20 min.

Technical sheets / Artistic sheets