Agnese Bocchi attrice e regista di teatro

Agnese Bocchi
(actress and artistic director)

She starts approaching theatre as a comedian actress. After that, she moves away from comedy and studies dramaturgy, scenography, costumes, movement and choreography.
She works as an actress to which she flanks an education as counselor and after a fundamental theatrical experience in Kosovo, she works for fifteen years as director of theatrical laboratories in context of social exclusion and social disease.
She develops her artistic creations frequently in non-theatrical spaces.
Her style is a mixture of languages in the field of perfromance and choreography, physical theatre, contemporary dance, non-dance and suggestions taken from visual arts as painting and sculpture.
After meeting the actor and dancer Tobia Scarrocchia, she decides to get back on stage as actress and estabilish Bocchi/Scarrocchia theatrical company.

Tobia Scarrocchia danzatore contemporaneo e attore teatrale

Tobia Scarrocchia
(actor, dancer and project manager)

Since a young age he reveals interest and attitude for movement and writing.
After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology at the University of Trento he met the director and actress Agnese Bocchi and he starts to follow her theatrical research.
At the same time he begins an education in contemporary dance studying floorwork, release technique, improvisation, composition and he earns a Master’s Degree in Pedagogy at the University of Bergamo.
In 2020, he sets up Bocchi/Scarrocchia theatrical company with Agnese Bocchi.
In 2023 he attended the Master in Entertainment Entrepreneurship at the University of Bologna.

the Company

Bocchi/Scarrocchia theatre company has officially been founded on February 2020 in the city of Bergamo, it is born by the meeting of the actress, performer and director Agnese Bocchi and the actor, performer and dancer Tobia Scarrocchia who collaborate permanently over many years.
They produce together their works, in any aspect, from writing subjects and texts, study choreographies, to the setting of lights, costumes and scenography.
In 2020 the company gave life to a house-atelier project inside a former farmhouse with courtyard in Recanati, in the Marche region: Recanati 59.
Here, throughout the month of August 2023, the company will present "TEATRO D'ESTATE il teatro fuori dal teatro": three shows, every week of August, with reservations and home restaurant.
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