Recanati 59

the project

Recanati 59 is the home-atelier of BOCCHI/SCARROCCHIA Theater Company immersed in the Marche countryside which in August 2023 hosted the first edition of TEATRO D'ESTATE il teatro fuori dal teatro. In an iconic panorama, the result of a centuries-old rural tradition, contemporary research theater shows accessible exclusively to small groups of spectators were set up and presented to the public.

Starting from this intrinsic relationship of intimacy and proximity, the idea was born of setting up a home restaurant at the end of each show located in a panoramic area of ​​the house where, at the end of the shows, spectators and actors could dine and meet informally.

The theatrical event thus becomes an intimate, informal and optional meeting place; where the meaning of the lived artistic-aesthetic experience is built starting from individual impressions, points of view and the comparison between actors and spectators.
Thus was born a way of reading, or it would be better to say re-reading, art in the contemporary world.
The second edition will take place from May to September 2024.


Below is the video of the spaces of the house (the indoor theater room, the farmyard, the amphitheater and the panoramic area), the trailer of the first edition and that of the house party that concluded it.