Recanati 59


Recanati 59 is a former farmhouse with courtyard in the countryside of Recanati. The house has been a point of reference for our theatrical research for several years and a few months after the foundation of the Bocchi / Scarrocchia Compagnia Teatrale we decided to start a renovation. In the wing of the courtyard where a 50-square-meter hypogeum is located, we have set up an indoor theater room for 30 spectators and in the 3000sqm garden that frames the house we have built an outdoor arena for 50 spectators. A private place where artistic, performative and theatrical research takes place in harmony with the seasonality of the countryside. Where to reconnect, through the encounter, the two experiences that allow the representation of the work of art: the experience of the viewer and the experience of the author / actor. At the end of the shows it is in fact practice to offer moments of encounter and dialogue between the audience and actors through a glass of wine, a snack or a dinner immersed in the green countryside. Moments that enliven the theatrical event as a free, informal, optional meeting place and become cultural vehicles for spreading a new and unprecedented way of reading, or it would be better to say re-reading, art in the contemporary world.

the place

From September 2021 we open our doors to the public with the Àbito show.
A show born and staged between 2016 and 2019 in a private apartment in Bergamo.
Àbito in Recanati is presented in an unpublished version, with a site-specific rearrangement for the new indoor theater space.
The show is presented every month with reservations required for a limited number of spectators.
Between July and August 2022 the open-air arena of Recanati 59 opens with the presentation of the new creation of the company LA CAPRA.