Recanati 59


Recanati 59 is a former farmhouse with courtyard in the countryside of Recanati.
Here, for three consecutive summers, we conducted a ten-day residential workshop aimed at the actors and dancers of Piccolo Teatro Per in collaboration with the non-profit organization “Piccoli Passi Per…” of Bergamo.
The central place where the residences took place was the farmhouse but over the years natural environments were also chosen as places of study and research: the first year the countryside around Recanati, the second the beaches of Porto Recanati and the third the park of Villa Colloredo Mels.
These public spaces that the territory offers, have been an opportunity to experience theatrical and dance actions in relation to an unaware and occasional audience: those who live or cross the countryside, bathers at the sea, park visitors . By engaging with them from time to time an authentic relationship through performance.
The studies conducted in August then, over the years, were developed in Bergamo and led to the creation of the shows Mothel Rouge and Øpera.

the place

The house in Recanati has thus become a point of reference for our theatrical research and a few months after the foundation of Bocchi / Scarrocchia Theater Company we have decided to start a renovation. In the wing of the courtyard where a 50 sq m hypogeum is located, we have set up an indoor theater room for 30 spectators and in the 3000 sq m garden that frames the house we have built an outdoor arena for 50 spectators.
Compared to the rich reality of the "100 theaters" in the Marche region, Recanati 59 project also represents a precise reversal of the civic tradition: the theater moves from the center to physically displaceing itself on the territory, in this specific case a former farmhouse on the slope that from Castelnuovo turns to Bagnolo.
With the precise aim of enhancing the environmental uniqueness that this territory represents, according to the teaching of many figures of Italian culture, who have addressed their reflection and their specifically artistic work to it in a direct and particular way, such as Dolores Prato, Bonacci and Lussu, Patrizi, Pasinetti, Licini, Giacomelli, Trubbiani, Pericoli, Moroni, Fagiani ...
Not only, therefore, a home theater no longer of condominiums and no longer in the historic center, but a theater in the theater, that is a text inserted in a context precisely transformed into environmental uniqueness and properly landscape, according to a long tradition which is usually traced back to a poetic experience of worldwide value.
This environmental relationship becomes a true allegory in the small arena under construction, with the stage and seats on the lawn, the wings and the boxes on the surrounding slopes and the roof in the sky.
A place where artistic, performative and theatrical research takes place in harmony with the seasonality of the countryside. A place of art where theatrical and cultural events enter into dialogue with local communities and the territory, alongside the countless excellences that the Marche region offers.


From September 2021 we open our doors to the public with the Àbito show.
A show born and staged between 2016 and 2019 in a private apartment in Bergamo.
Àbito in Recanati is presented in an unpublished version, with a site-specific rearrangement for the new indoor theater space.
The show is presented every month with reservations required for a limited number of spectators.
Between July and August 2022 the open-air arena of Recanati 59 opens with the presentation of the new creation of the company LA CAPRA.
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