the project

Il laboratorio di teatro is a project of life stories narratives through theater aimed at users, operators, family members, volunteers and citizens, born from a creative collaboration between Bocchi Scarrocchia Compagnia Teatrale and Cooperativa Biplano which, in 2024, will celebrate 25 years of activity in mental health field in Bergamo.
The life stories are in the residential projects, in organic social agriculture, in job placements and in the recycling and reuse laboratory through which Biplano has been promoting participatory reflection on mental health since 1998. Life stories are hidden in the folds of clothes, under the soles of shoes. They are in the gestures we make to sit or when we walk. They are in silence. Sometimes they stay in the dark but sparkle when lit. Life stories are people and the theater laboratory aims to be a space to digress on the topic, because the human being is a wonderful refuge.
The workshop, conducted by the director and actress Agnese Bocchi and the dancer and performer Tobia Scarrocchia, will be structured into three work sessions in 2024:
- January-February
- May
- October-November

for a total of thirty meetings lasting two hours each, from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm, at the “Isola del Tesoro” laboratory, via Roma 9, Gorle - BG (check the calendar!).
Then, on 14 and 15 December 2024, an unprecedented performance will be presented entitled "Divagazioni sul tema" directed by Agnese Bocchi. The set-up, props, costumes and research materials will be produced within the recycling and reuse laboratories of the cooperative.
A circular and sustainable production that reiterates the desire, necessity and urgency of Bocchi/Scarrocchia Compagnia Teatrale to work outside conventional spaces, consolidating an expressive, physical, evocative theatrical style, dedicated to meeting the public and rooted in craftsmanship and design.

“Where is the dignity of a person without the possibility of error?”
photo (Fortepan/Kovács Márton Ernő)