Un Corpo


Un Corpo was born after meeting the novel written by the architect Camillo Boito in 1870 with the same title.
Is a reinterpretation of the text with a deep investigation in positive, for what it tell to us, and in negative for what it withhold.
Is a piece of vivisection and vitalization of the novel in which the title becomes story, in which the title is the story.

Artistic research

Un Corpo is a piece divided in two short parts.
The first is danced and choreographed, the second is spoken.
Un Corpo investigate the live and alive relationship between performance and scenography, architecture and text.
Is created for galleries, museums, theatre and non-theatre spaces.
The show was first presented in a site-specific version at the Unesco Visitor Center of Crespi d’Adda for the Festival della Letteratura del Lavoro “Produzioni Ininterrotte” 2019, with the support of Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Politecnico di Milano, Università degli studi di Bergamo, ass. Adi e Cna.


conceived and interpreted by: Agnese Bocchi, Tobia Scarrocchia
choreography/lights/scenography/costume: Agnese Bocchi, Tobia Scarrocchia
duration: 45 min.


Technical sheets / Artistic sheets