Eat. Sleep. Theatre.


“Over there we spent lot of time looking at each other eyes. We were not embarrassed, we only needed to stay”

Does exist a right time and a right place for dancing?
What distinguish movement from dance?
To dance is always the right time and the right place, because dance belongs to bodies, not to stages and theaters.
For us dance is part of everyday life, dance is like a garment stitched to our skin.


Artistic research

Eat. Sleep.Theatre. is a project of theatrical experimentations in non-theatrical spaces.
For eight months, every month, we set up different performances by the name of Eat. Beer. Theatre (vol.1) and (vol.2), Come Lui/Come Lei, Tre. Danze per una non sala da ballo for the locals of Elav Independent Brewery.


conceived and interpreted by:
Agnese Bocchi, Tobia Scarrocchia
duration: variable