talked to a goat.
She was alone on the lawn, she was tied up.
Full of grass, wet in the rain, it blazed.
That same bleat was brotherly to my pain.
And I replied, first for celia,
then because the pain is eternal,
it has a voice and does not vary.
This voice heard moan in a lonely goat.
In a goat with a Semitic face felt every other evil being sued, every other life ".

The Goat (1909)
by Umberto Saba

Artistic research

The Goat is a rustic and lovely animal.
The Goat is a street criminal trial which takes place in a suqare conceived as a physical place, as a place for the community, under the eyes of all, on everyone's lips.
In the square of La Capra there are men and animals gathered to tell a fact: the joint crime and photographed in the trial up to the execution.
Clumsy bodies, curved in on themselves, allegorical songs, ritual sonatas and it is not clear who are the men and who the beasts.
A show that takes place in nature "en-plein air", at night but in the light of the sun that blinds the faces of the actors in a continuous interrogation.
And they are all hungry for truth but they are all innocent, which is like saying that they are all guilty.
The stage clothes are made in collaboration with the Marche brand Mavranyma which, through the tailoring craft "Gouging magma or bulbs out of every cut, investigates the very life of matter, and its verdant folds" (click here to learn more on Diary).
In July and August 2022 the show is presented in the open-air arena of Recanati 59, book your date (calendar)!


conceived and directed by: Agnese Bocchi
with: Agnese Bocchi, Tobia Scarrocchia
costume: Mavranyma
flower mask: Ilariuss
photography: Filippo Luzi, Viola Trombetta
production: Bocchi/Scarrocchia Compagnia Teatrale
duration: 50 min.