Quando il gelo ha costruito il silenzio


A freely inspired performance from the biography of Elsa Schiaparelli who was one of the most influential personality of the fashion industry of 20th century.
She was the competitor of Coco Chanel and invented the “shocking pink”.
As a fashion designer and tailor in Rome she worked with leading figures in the art community and Dadaists’ salons of the beginning of the 20th century such as Dalì, Giacometti and Fini.
Quando il gelo ha costruito il silenzio describes the adventure of living by following the aesthetic and embracing the pain and then welcoming the joy.
That is how the search for the style crosses heartbreaking dances, unexpected meetings and the eloquence of the silence.



conceived/directed/choreography by: Agnese Bocchi
costumes: Lorella Bellelli
scene photos: Giacomo Nuzzo
with: actresses and actors of of Piccolo Teatro Per in collaboration with the association for mental health "Piccoli Passi Per…".
duration: 50 min.

Artistic sheets