We can be looked, observed and lynched, violently examined to make us as small statues of Capodimonte never seen before.
We can be looked closely to be measured, to let the audience wonder how many teeths we have in mouth and we ask each and every minute that we are here if inside the mind there’s something or if all the demons have stumble upon that person and have in a orderly way, taken a seat, to never left again.


Artistic research

Øpera is a project based on the investigation between choreographic composition intended as a “living” picture of moving bodies and narrative and storytelling.
In Øpera choreography doesn’t mean to substitute or translate the storytelling but becoming the storytelling itself.
To become is the endless act of movement which characterized the reality and is investigated through the choreographic research of this work.
That’s why Øpera have been shown to the audience as a first study as a performance lasted two days in a row from 3.00 p.m to 10 p.m. with the actors always on stage, by the name of Øpera San Vigilio, in May 2019 at the Castle of San Vigilio of Bergamo, Italy.  


conceived and directed by:
Agnese Bocchi
choreography: Agnese Bocchi, Tobia Scarrocchia
with: Agnese Bocchi, Iris Pesenti, Tobia Scarrocchia
duration: variable

Technical sheets / Artistic sheets